remy hair extensions

Caring For Remy Hair Extensions So They Look Their Best

When someone wishes to alter their appearance from a short hair style to a longer one, they may place hair extensions in the hair to give them a whole new look. Remy hair extensions look natural as they are made from virgin hair. This is hair that has never been colored or chemically treated in any way. To keep these extensions looking their best simple maintenance steps need to be done. Here are some tips in keeping this luxurious hair looking realistic and damage-free.

When brushing remy extensions, use a wide-toothed comb. It is important to brush the hair before sleeping so it is tangle free, helping to minimize in the amount of rumpling it will get when someone moves around in the night. It should also be combed before showering. This will eliminate friction from the strands moving as they are cleansed. Hair follicles are weakened when they are wet. Because of this, it is best to refrain from combing or brushing until the extensions are completely dried.

Shampoo used to cleanse remy hair extensions should be free of sulfates. Organic cleansers will not strip the essential oils in the hair strands, leaving them in a healthy condition as a result. Sulfate shampoos will dry out the strands quickly. Warm water should be used when washing the hair.

The shampoo should be applied to the scalp and then worked downward toward the tips the extensions. The hair should not be scrubbed or piled on top of the head as this causes friction that could cause irreparable damage to the virgin strands. A natural oil like almond or coconut oil can be added to the scalp so it rinses through the strands. This will help keep the strands supple. Rinse the strands between shampoo applications. Shampoo can be added one or two times to ensure a deeper cleanse.

After the hair is cleaned, the final rinse should be done with cold water. This will close the cuticles of the hair strands. When this happens, the nutrients from the oils will be kept in the hair. Moisture will also remain.

It is best to keep away from hair driers so the hair will not become damaged. Air dry the hair and use the fingers or a wide-toothed comb to style. The less styling products used in the hair, the best chance it has in lasting for a longer amount of time. Staying away from clips like barrettes and ponytail holders is also recommended.